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FREE Denal help in Asheville, NC August 2012

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Cassie Minor   in reply to DR. TRUTH
No doubt, nothing is free. For many years, me and colleagues have financed our work without accepting a salary from the organizations we've led. However, I have always understood it was for a reason. For example, a nationally recognized free dental organization is now fully funded and led by our dental society.

This was simply a stepping stone in addressing access to dental health care.
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Please remember very few thing you get that is man made is free. Someone has got to pay for it. Pay for it up front and direct and it cost a dollar pay for it later through someone else and it will cost you everything.
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Hello Cassie,
I am sorry I haven't responded is so long. I had few distractions. Anyway, I am a dentist in the Atlanta area. Your promotion of the free clinics is good. However, it is only a bandaid on a mortal wound. Our problem in dentistry and healthcare in general runs much deeper than a free clinic here and there. We must address ( and I have begun to so as have doctors) the systemic problem that makes access to basic dental and medical care nearly impossible to much of our population. That limited access due to unnecessarily high fees has played a large role in creating unnecessary suffer and destroying this nations economic system. The basic error is health insurance does not equal healthcare. This basic concept is the core of our problem. If we recognize that healthcare can only be found in our doctors and hospitals then we could easily solve 90% of the health care issue (there is no real crisis outside of the crisis of not thinking). If we pay our doctors and hospitals DIRECTLY 1/2 of what we pay the insurance and medicaid and medicare CROOKS, then our doctors could help who ever walks in the door for little or nothing. That would eliminate the need for health insurance completely as well as Medicare and Medicaid. That money would stay in pockets of the people who earned it!! They could then pay their doctors and hospitals 1-200 dollars a month and BOOM! Instant healthcare. Nothing is free. If your pay for it yourself it is a hell-a-va lot cheaper, and comparatively free. Gotta go now got patients to treat. Talk with you soon.
Dr. Mac
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